Knee Highs Making a Fashionable Comeback

One can’t help but think of the schoolgirl look when it comes to knee-highs. But there’s much more to knee-highs than coordinating with a short plaid skirt. Here’s to wearing your knee-highs with a lot more class, and just a little bit of sass.

The Link to High Fashion Footwear

With the prevalence of thigh high, over the knee, and just below the knee footwear in fashion, or course, you can imagine the current buzz around knee-high socks. To top it off, on-trend mid-calf boots, booties, oxfords, and loafers all look great with these versatile accessories. So it’s no surprise that knee-highs have once again returned to the spotlight. And there are tons of fun ways to wear your No Nonsense knee-highs!

No Nonsense Knee-Highs Mean Business

There’s a definite place for knee-highs when you’re on the clock. Our nylon knee-highs are perfect to wear underneath your business slacks or with your favorite dress shoes. Durable, graduated fit, with a wide, comfortable band at the top, your legs will feel great and refreshed all day long. Try support knee-highs for more compression, to help rejuvenate your legs during long those hours on your feet.

Numerous Ways to Wear Them

When the day is done and work is over, you can still make your No Nonsense knee-highs work for you. Try wearing your nylon knee-highs out with a black pencil skirt and a pretty printed blouse. Top off your outfit with a pair of peep toe heels and you’re ready for a night of fun. Flowing skirts and fitted tops are another look you’ll want to try with nylon silky knee-highs. For a youthful, yet stylish look, wear a pair of chinos with your No Nonsense knee-highs. Dress things up with a frilly blouse, or keep it low-key with a simple white tee. If you’re going for the long leg look, remember to keep your shorts the same color as your knee-highs.

Warm and Stylish During the Colder Months

Knee-highs are the quintessential transitional accessory when the weather starts to cool down, but you’re not quite ready to resign yourself to snuggies and flannel pajamas. With knee-highs, you can extend the wear of your shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts, in favor of a bit more leg coverage, without feeling chilly or ridiculous. Try warming up your favorite summertime dress by accessorizing with a pair of nylon knee-highs. Depending on how cold it is, add a scarf and some gloves. Throw on a chunky cardigan, and you’ll be as cozy as ever.

Wearing Nylon Knee-Highs All Year Round

It doesn’t have to be 10 degrees below to put on a pair of knee-highs. In fact, No Nonsense sheer nylon knee-highs are so breathable and comfortable, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them, regardless of how hot or cold it is. The general rule of thumb is to balance out your look with not too short bottoms, and to err on the side of conservative for the rest of your outfit. Beyond that, the rest is up to your imagination. The fashion world is yours when it comes to knee-highs!