Are Opaque Tights a Good Fit for the Office?

We all love opaque tights because they're stylish and comfortable. Available in such a wide selection of patterns, colors, and styles, they're also extremely versatile.

But what about wearing opaque tights to the office? Are they an appropriate addition to your professional wardrobe, or are they best left in your drawer when you're dressing for success?

Black Opaque Tights Are a Sure Winner

Those in-the-know agree that black opaque tights are appropriate for the vast majority of office situations. They're timeless, stylish, and add a welcome edge to otherwise average ensembles.

They also have the added bonus of slimming and lengthening the appearance of just about anyone's legs, which is great for leggy ladies, but even better for those whose legs could use a touch of extra grace. Choosing our Great Shapes Black Opaque tights will help you look smooth and polished.

There are so many ways to make black opaque tights work in a professional situation. Don a pair of matching black heels and a jersey dress in one of the season's hottest colors for a look that's bold enough to turn heads, but no-nonsense enough to be taken seriously. Or put your black opaque tights to work with a matching blazer and a jewel-tone blouse. As a general rule, your tights should match with either your shoes or your top, but for some of us, rules are made to be broken. Feel free to create your own look, as long as it's professional.

How to Make Color Opaques Work

While black opaque tights lend themselves well to a professional environment, making colored opaque tights look professional requires a bit more thought. Neutral colors, such as navy, charcoal, and brown are easy picks, for the same reasons that black opaque tights are a top contender: they're not visually distracting, they exude sophistication, and they're very versatile.

Navy opaques with a navy v-neck sweater and a white button-down shirt would be acceptable in most offices, as would a brown and white ensemble consisting of opaques, closed-toed heels, a pencil skirt, and a blazer. There are plenty of other combinations that would work just as well as the ones listed here, and we're sure you can use your imagination.

Now what about opaque tights in other colors? Well, it depends on which colors. Darker shades such as herb, plum, and bottle green can work quite nicely when paired with other pieces in neutral tones. Opaque tights in darker hues can also work nicely with items in non-neutral, yet subtle colors, as long as the overall effect isn't too loud. A pair of evergreen opaque tights could work quite nicely with a skirt/blazer combo in misted yellow, for instance. 

Wearing Opaque Tights To The Office