How to Wear Plus Size Fishnet Tights With Confidence

Once a relic of the 80's, pantyhose are making a comeback, and it starts with your closet. Sheer tights in a variety of patterns are adored by contemporary tastemakers of many stripes. They accent your legs in ways you didn't think were quite possible, showing off a little sexiness like no pair of plain old pants can. Plus, they keep your legs warm when there's a breeze.

Perhaps the sexiest of the sheer tights are fishnets. While most women are following the style icons, try marching to your own drummer with a hot pair of fishnets that will spice up a tired outfit.

Fishnet tights are for ladies of all shapes and sizes, including plus-size gals. Don't let anything hold you back from this flattering and fun fashion wave, since fishnets are in style in a big way. The best way to wear them is with total confidence in your fashion sense, and the outfit you've created around them.

Just putting on a pair of fishnets, you will immediately feel more confident, and people will notice. Plus-size girls look stunning in a pair of tights, a skirt, and a smashing top. Or try a high-low style outfit, by pairing fishnets with a slightly causal A-line dress.

It's Not Just Fishnets Anymore

If fishnets aren't quite your thing, there are many other varieties to choose from. There are tights that come in a long diamond pattern, grid styles, and even florals. You can get the diamond-pattern tights in either black or burgundy. And they have the same eye-catching appeal of fishnets, but are even more striking when seen from across the room. Look in your closet for some of last fall’s favorite burgundy garments to match up with your tights.

Have you seen our grid net openwork tights? So cute! They have a smart, modern look and appeal that work well when worn around a semi-casual office environment. You'll want to wear your cool, funky glasses with these, and a maybe a button-down top. They offer a great way to go from work to play, and you’ll be pleased with the extra off-hours attention they command.

For a prettier, more delicate look, check out lace floral tights, which you'll appreciate when you’re wearing any kind of vintage-inspired clothes. They can also be paired with an outfit that has a more polite and respectable side. You might look for a floral-print skirt to go with tights, or continue the floral motif with the right blouse and even a scarf. The key to mixing patterns is keeping with a singular color palette. Don’t be afraid to build your outfit around your tights, especially when they’ve got a fun texture and pattern.

Our No nonsense basket weave tights are simply to die for! They have a similar geometric design to the grid net tights, but attract the eye a bit more with tighter lines and interesting angles. These are not exactly fishnets, but they are just as fun and sexy. Fashionable basket weave tights will keep your legs cozy and warm in a cool air-conditioned office, or when you’re out and about in autumn.

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