Plus-Size Hosiery Outfit Inspirations

With the summer season quickly approaching, you don't want to miss out of the sun just because you don't have your summer wardrobe together. Take charge of your style, and play up the fun that long summer days conjure up within your spirit.

Celebrate the fact that you finally get to remove all the heavy fabric and layers of winter, and start revealing the glowing skin you have been nurturing underneath.

Bridal Shower Attire

Bridal showers are tricky events to get gussied up for. While they are casual and usually held during the day, there is an expectation that guests will dress somewhat formally to celebrate the bride-to-be's engagement.

For a cut that is both casual yet formal, the peplum top in black satin with V-neckline is the way to go. Cinched in at the waist, the peplum top incorporates a skirt detail that ends just mid-range of the hips, casting a flattering silhouette that goes perfectly with a mid-calf skirt. Put that look together with a pair of control top hosiery from No Nonsense in bare bisque or sun tan, and your look will be flawless.

Sunday Brunch

One of the best reasons to jump out of bed on Sunday is a festive get-together over brunch. Express your inner bling-queen in a subtle way by finding a great high-cut white lace jacket that ends above the waist. Place your lace jacket over an olive-toned cotton V-neck camisole tucked into a white fitted skirt. For this ensemble, select a pair of silk indulgence hosiery in beige mist to complement the olive and white tones of your outfit.

Night with the Girls

Have a night free from bathtime or overtime at the office? For a meet-up centered around early evening cocktails, make a statement by wearing a black dress with a soft ruffle detail along the bust line. The black of the fabric will allow your skin to glow against the twilight sky, and the detail will draw attention upward. Accessorize with chunky jewelry, and choose a pair of Greek-styled sandals to further emphasize your playful, laid back qualities.

Backyard Get-Together

Summertime is a great time to wear flowing fabrics that float and caress your figure as you traipse around a party. Play up your exotic side by picking out a ruffled floral blouse dress, and be sure to add a thin fabric belt to cinch in the waist. For the lower half of your ensemble, invest in an A-symmetrical hem-lined skirt in dark red or black to express an enchanted Moroccan feel.  Finish it off with some nude shaping hosiery to smooth out all the edges.  The sheer tights will keep you cool and looking great while you entertain.