Top Picks for Plus Size Leggings and Tights

This season, get ready to step out in style with a wardrobe of stylish leggings and tights. There are lots of great options available for plus-sized women who want to stay on the pulse of contemporary fashion. A smart pair of capri-style leggings might be just the thing on a spring day, while a pair of fishnet tights can set off a stylish outfit perfect for date night. If it's a bit chilly, a pair of opaque tights will protect your stems from the breeze, and still allow you to wear that new a-line skirt.

We Spell Spring L-E-G-G-I-N-G-S

What says autumn quite like corduroy? The flowers bloom, temperatures begin to warm up, and then it's time to put on a pair of capri leggings and head out to the kid's soccer matches, pool parties, or for day trips to the beach and long afternoons in the sun. If you take an XL or XXL, you'll find lots of great colors to choose from. Extra large XL cotton capri leggings feature great colors and prints to make your outfits come to life.

If you want to show your playful side, try a pair of printed dot denim skimmer leggings. These fun leggings are available in black or pink. They are available up to XL, and will be great in early spring or fall, when the weather is too cool for shorts. Our printed cotton leggings will fit in perfectly after Labor Day's pronouncement that white is, for the most part, out.

Show off your wild side with a pair of cotton animal print leggings. Select one of three colors to match your fall wardrobe, and step into the leafy season with ferocity and fun.

Go Back to School with Your Favorite Plus Size Leggings and Tights

Chino leggings show your more urban side, and go well with that brown fall jacket and a light sweater. Select one of four colors: classic chino, cobblestone, deep red, or emperor. XXL chino leggings have the additional option of black. Get a few pairs to wear to work, or for casual nights out with your sweetie or your best girlfriends.

Despite cooler, shorter days, a girl still needs to be able wear a cute skirt sometimes! And for just that reason, there is a wide array of tights to choose from. You might like deep gold or metal, deep burgundy or black, but in any case, tights are a great and easy way to add some color to an outfit. You might go for a fishnet pair, or some with a long, broad diamond pattern. Maybe bold, solid colored tights will do the trick, or perhaps lacy or basketweave tights are your look. Lots of styles are available in control top, and as footie or footless versions.

If you're on the hunt for a sportier look, then check out our capri style tights. They come in control top, and in three to five different colors, depending on the size you select. Choose Capri tights to add just a bit of nuance to your wardrobe.

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