The New Age of Sheer Hosiery and More

Nylons: always a classic when it comes to women's fashion. Our mothers cracked their hose out of eggs back when there were few options to choose from. Nowadays, we have such a wide array of sheer hosiery to work with, and several different kinds for various styles of outfits. Even celebrities, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, are wearing them. And stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga are known to don sheer hosiery when the paparazzi are near.

The New York Times wrote an article about how hosiery has come back, out of the dark ages. Years ago, they were often mandated in office dress code policies and expected in most other public venues. Showing bare skin was not even an option. That changed in the 1990's, when casual workplace attire came into fashion. Now, women have the option to wear sheer hosiery, or not. Freedom is all about having options and opportunities. You've come a long way, baby.

Choose Your Type of Hosiery and More

When you choose to wear sheer hosiery, you have a few types to choose from: control top, support control top, regular, and knee-highs. Control top hosiery will fit snug around your middle, helping you slink into that skirt that shrank just a little in the dryer. These hose come up to about your belly button and hide beneath your blouse, while your legs remain beautiful below the hem of your skirt or dress.

Support control-top hosiery is much like its cousins, but they have stronger elastic in the midsection. You might consider these if you're going for a form-fitting blouse, or if that dryer insists on shrinking your skirts yet again! Ack.

Regular hosiery still cinches up around your bellybutton, but they aren't as snug in your midsection. This variety is great under a loose shirt or sweater, or when you just feel like being you, without any restraints.

Ride the Sheer Fashion Wave

Considering that the NYT article mentioned how the pantyhose market has increased by 50%, it's time to get in and ride this fashion wave! The good news is that this fashion trend can be very helpful when the weather turns cold. There really is nothing worse than a gust of cold air flowing up your skirt when your legs are unprotected. Sheer hosiery will keep you warm and toasty when the temperature turns to the lower end of the thermometer.

If plain or sheer hosiery isn't your thing, then consider your options. There are fishnet, grid pattern, and basket weave hosiery. You can choose opaque tights, too, which come in bright, solid colors.

Fishnets were all the rage back in the 1980's, and as the theory of 30-year cycles dictates, go ahead and jump into the fashion fray with fishnets again now. Hosiery like this is partly sheer, but all sexy. You can relive the 80's you were fortunate enough to experience, or reinvent that golden era of musical artists like Madonna, The Bangles, and 'Til Tuesday in your own special way. For the sake of variety and for a contemporary edge, consider the other varieties of patterned sheer hosiery and more.

When the weather really gets chilly, you might consider a pair of thicker opaque hosiery in your favorite color. Black always goes well with outfits, but bolder colors will make you stand out – if they don’t upstage your brilliant personality, that is.  We recommend our Great Shapes Black Out Tights with a denier of 110%.