Sheer Tights Guide: Silk Pantyhose

There’s no denying that pantyhose are making a serious comeback these days. They may recently have been considered outdated and dowdy, but thanks in part to style icons such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Catherine, the Duchess of York, this must-have ‘80s accessory is quickly gathering steam as one of the hottest new trends.

There was a time when pantyhose were often uncomfortably restrictive, and many women saw the relaxing office dress codes that started to come into play in the early 1990s as a welcome change.

But today’s pantyhose are different than the oppressive hose of the past. They still have the smoothing effect that makes just about any set of legs look that much better, and they still make business wear look more “put together,” but they’re a lot more comfortable. As far as comfortable pantyhose go, it’s hard to beat silk. Silk pantyhose have an undeniable feeling of luxury and class. They’re smooth, soft, and undeniably sumptuous. Let’s take a closer look at silk pantyhose.

Silk Pantyhose, Professional Style

Hosiery may be mandated by some of the more conservative employers’ dress codes, but many women who aren’t required to wear pantyhose at work are eager to get in on this hot trend.

For a look that’s sophisticated and professional, try silk pantyhose and sheer tights with a sharp black, gray, or navy skirt suit. If you’re more in the mood to wear slacks, then wear silk hose under them for a polished look from head to toe. Top off the look with a white silk or cotton blouse, and a few carefully curated accent accessories in some of the season’s hottest colors.

Black Silk Pantyhose: Alluring and Mysterious

Sheer black pantyhose have a definite element of intrigue to them. They look amazing with a little black dress, black pumps, and a silver necklace, but black really goes with just about everything. Go high-contrast with black silk pantyhose, a white skirt, and a bold monochromatic geometric sweater. Tap into one of this spring’s hottest fashion trends, and pair black silk pantyhose with an iridescent dress and a mesh bomber jacket.

Nude Silk Pantyhose: Fresh and Fancy

Although classic black pantyhose have a certain edginess to them that appeals to our inner rebels, few would have predicted the resurgence in popularity of nude pantyhose.  Like black, nude silk pantyhose can be worn in too many great ways to count. Underneath your favorite sundress, they’re perfect. The same goes for your best pair of distressed denim jeans, or that body con dress that always turns heads, or that chic wrap-over dress that lets everyone know you mean business.

Tips for Wearing Silk Pantyhose

Whether you’re new to pantyhose or just coming back after an extended separation, here are a few tips to help you keep your silk pantyhose looking and feeling great.

First, find the right size pantyhose for your body. One-size-fits-all actually fits few sizes well. Look for silk hosiery that has a chart not just for weight, but for height, too.  Second, buy silk pantyhose with reinforced toes. They’ll be much less likely to fall victim to toenails that may be in need of a pedicure.  Third, take your rings and bracelets off before slipping on your silk pantyhose, and make sure your nails are filed smooth, or you may end up putting holes in even the most durable silk pantyhose.