Spring Fashion Trends to Keep an Eye On

Spring is here, and with it, the latest in spring fashion trends. Which trends are hot this spring fashion season, and how can you incorporate them into your look?


Keep your style fresh this spring in a variety of trendy shorts styles guaranteed to liven up your season! From bermuda shorts to boxers, boyfriend jeans shorts to cuffed shorts, you are sure to see a collection of fun styles that make spring and summer fun. The best wardrobe choice for shorts are selections that add colorful hues in denim, knit, or ponte fabrications. Pair shorts with your favorite pair flats or a great wedge heeled shoe for the perfect look.


Soft shades of violet, blue, green, and yellow have been seen blooming on runways everywhere, breathing freshness into light spring blazers, wrap-over dresses, and board shorts. You can really make the look pop with white accent pieces such as sunglasses, pocketbooks, and strappy sandals.


Sheer fabrics are being used in interesting ways lately, and we’re not just talking about tights. They’ve been seen lending striking contrast to traditional pieces, by pairing them side-by-side with opaque fabrics. Look for sheer pullovers, and bands of sheer in light tunics and dresses.

Cropped Jackets

Don’t throw out your moto jackets just yet, but be on the lookout for boxy jackets in bold prints, neutrals, or striking colors to pair with your favorite slacks, form-fitting dress, or pair of jeans.

Monochrome & Iridescent Patterns

Big, bold designs are everywhere right now, in uber-contrasty black and white, pastels, rainbow hues, and just about any other arrangement you can think of. Look for skirts, dresses, bombers, tights, and button-ups in geometric, striped, or floral patterns.

From oil slick whorls to hummingbird feather intricacy, iridescent fabrics are the spring trend du jour. From miniskirts to vests, party dresses to trenches, the shimmer of iridescence is everywhere. If you’re feeling too shy to be so shiny, you can always opt for an iridescent handbag or sunglasses to get in on the trend without attracting too much attention.