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about us

About No nonsense®

No nonsense is one of the most recognizable apparel brands in America today. For over 30 years, we have been a major supplier of women's legwear to food, drug, mass and club outlets. Today, in addition to our wide variety of hosiery, tights and dress socks, we also offer high-quality No nonsense Leggings, sleepwear, panties, athletic socks, novelty socks and foot comfort products, as well as socks for men and children.

No nonsense is owned by one of the most successful legwear and intimate apparel manufacturers in America, the Kayser-Roth Corporation.

About Kayser-Roth

The Kayser-Roth Corporation is a major marketer of hosiery and intimates products in the United States. Kayser-Roth is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and operates four plants in North Carolina and Tennessee. The company also has a design studio/showroom in the heart of the fashion district in New York City. Within the retail industry, Kayser-Roth is regularly honored for its service, innovation and response to customer needs.

Kayser-Roth sells No nonsense® panties, Leggings, Tights, pantyhose, socks, sleepwear and foot comfort products to major food, drug, mass and club outlets. The company also produces HUE® socks, legwear and intimate apparel for major department and specialty stores, in addition to producing Timberland Casual Socks, Calvin Klein hosiery, PrimaSport, Burlington Hosiery and Burlington Socks, and private label programs for major retailers.

Kayser-Roth is an affiliate of Golden Lady, a privately owned legwear company headquartered in Mantova, Italy. Founded in 1967, Golden Lady's innovative, quality products are sold to all classes of trade. Produced in the most technically advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry, Golden Lady's products are generally recognized to be the finest in the world.

Our Mission

No nonsense is committed to providing high-quality, affordable legwear and apparel for women, men and children. Over the course of three decades we have built a brand trusted by women of all ages, and we will continue to develop reliable products and services that help women lead No nonsense lives.

Our Mantra

No nonsense is more than just the absence of nonsense. It's style - smart style. It's about having a sense of humor. It's clever. It's honest and real.

The History of No nonsense

2011 No nonsense introduces Flex Fit socks.  Flex Fit Men's crew sock are sport socks with innovative Flexform™ design, featuring unique fit panels  that move and bend with your foot.  Flex Fit socks wick away moisture and feature a stay put comfort top.  Available in black and white and made in manufacuring plants in North Carolina.

2009  No nonsense adds Naturally Comfortable socks, made with organic cotton to its product line.  Not only are Naturally Comfortable socks stylish and affordable, they are earth-friendly too!  Organic cotton is grown wihout toxic pesticides or chemicals.  Since we make our Naturally Comfortable in our eco-conscious facilities right here in the United States, it takes less fuel to get these products to you than products from some of the other brands that are made overseas.

No nonsense moves up to number eight in the 2007 WWD 100, an annual survey of consumer brand awareness. The brand expands its product offering to include a selection of licensed T-Shirt and Ultimate Sport Bra’s. Ultimate Shapers are introduced to meet the growing demand for the fast growing Shaper category. Ultimate Shapers provide soft, smooth, comfortable fabric with no-roll waistbands in 3 product choices, Waist to Mid-Thigh Shaper, Waist to Mid-Thigh Butt Lifting Shaper and Pant Lining Shaper.

The new No nonsense debuts, complete with new packaging, a new website, fun marketing programs and lots of new products, including panties; sleepwear; super soft and stylish athletic socks; fun, seasonal and novelty socks; and foot comfort products, as well as socks for men and children.

2004 No nonsense offers its first line of women's underwear. Also in 2004, No nonsense was listed as the 17th most recognizable apparel brand in America (between Ralph Lauren and Lee) by Women's Wear Daily magazine.

2002 No nonsense introduces nonstop, a durable, comfortable line of hosiery that meets the challenges of women's busy lives.

2000 No nonsense is the first to introduce the smooth toe seam in the value-priced, multi-pack sock category.

1999 No nonsense introduces Almost Bare, pantyhose so sexy, so comfortable and so sheer, it's like wearing no pantyhose at all.

1998 Kayser-Roth introduces its first age-defying hosiery products for No nonsense and HUE legwear. Both brands begin utilizing technology that delivers therapeutic benefits to women's legs.

1997 No nonsense takes Control Top one step further by introducing Transparent Control. Kayser-Roth's Calvin Klein Hosiery introduces a similarly invisible control top pantyhose.

1996 No nonsense introduces Sheer Endurance, a beautifully sheer, beautifully strong hosiery collection.

1993 No nonsense introduces Great Shapes, the first "shaping pantyhose" that combines traditional pantyhose with the figure-enhancing effects of body shapers.

1986 No nonsense products are made using a production process called 16-point graduation, a technical breakthrough in pantyhose knitting from Kayser-Roth that allows for improved fit and comfort.

1978 The Kayser-Roth Corporation introduces the first control top pantyhose, No nonsense Control Top. Instantly recognizable from its iconic green package, No nonsense quickly becomes one of the most popular brands of pantyhose in America.

1973 No nonsense is introduced by the Kayser-Roth Corporation.