made in the usa products by No nonsense

When you buy No nonsense® socks, tights, and sheer hosiery, you’re helping keep jobs at home and supporting products Made In the USA. While other apparel companies have shifted production overseas, No nonsense has continued to build upon our heritage as a Made in USA brand. Your support of Made in USA No nonsense products helps us do our part in making the planet a better and greener place- one step at a time.

As a responsible consumer, you know that your purchasing decisions matter. When you shop with companies that do all of their manufacturing overseas, you’re basically casting your vote in favor of shifting jobs away from your friends and neighbors in the USA. That’s why 90% of No nonsense products are made in the USA. And while we’re aware of the fact that many of our customers would willingly pay a premium for American-made tights, socks, and hosiery, we’ve kept our prices every bit as reasonable as they’ve always been. After all, you’ve come to know us not only for our stylish, top-quality wardrobe essentials, but also for our affordable prices. Giving you the fashion items you want at prices that are easy on your budget is a point of company pride here at No nonsense.

Our reputation for quality pantyhose is well established. We’ve been innovators in the hosiery field for a long time, bringing advancements and changes that women everywhere have come to rely on. But one thing that we haven’t changed is our commitment to manufacturing our products close to home. In our North Carolina and Tennessee manufacturing plants, we produce everything from our classic sheer knee-highs to our Almost Bare lace panties, and everything in-between. In keeping much of our manufacturing here in the USA, we'd like to think we’re doing our part to help our friends and neighbors hold down steady jobs, pay their bills on time, and keep their cupboards full. And whether you choose our products or those of our competitors, we hope that you’ll put just a little extra thought into the purchases you make, and how they affect the world around you.

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