Smart Support™ Control Top Pantyhose - 3 Pair Pack

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These women's premium support pantyhose create a special massaging action to refresh your legs all day.

  • Graduated compression invigorates legs
  • Control top firms hips and tummy
  • Exceptionally sheer natural look
  • Sheer toe
  • 3 pair pack
  • Made in USA

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in warm water and mild soap. Drip dry.

  • Panty: 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
  • Leg: 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
Ratings & reviews
98% of 100
74 Reviews Average Rating: 98% Add Your Review
  1. Rating
    Awesome support

    By Just a guy on

    I have to say I've been looking for support pantyhose, because my legs have been killing me. I do warehouse work and I'm on my feet 16hrs a day.
  2. Rating
    Love these stocking

    By Berta on

    Love these stockings. I had thigh surgery and my doctor told me to wear support stockings. Very reluctant to put them on but I did and love them. I told my doctor and he is recommending them to his patients.
  3. Rating
    Very sheer but great support... great toe box too

    By Austin CJ on

    On my original review I said leg was too short. I was wrong. After awhile of wear they stretch out to fit your body and fit becomes great ... just put them on and move around a bit and after a while they will fit you just like you expect from No nonsense brand.
  4. Rating
    Long-time No nonsense wearer

    By Bethany.nh1030 on

    Very nice pantyhose. Fit well, Good price.
  5. Rating
    Great product

    By David on

    These pantyhose feel great! Good support for my legs. They are true to fit. And the panty is good control top. I recommend them for anyone who needs support for legs and hips.
  6. Rating

    By Aaron on

    My long time search to replace Sheer Endurance has finally ended. Smart Support look and feel amazing! They offer the perfect amount of shaping and comfort.They do not bag snag or roll.Smart Support stay where you put them and if they snag it takes effort to get a run. These are my new favorite pantyhose!
  7. Rating
    Love these panty hose!

    By Gordie on

    I have been wearing these hose for ten years. (plus) They are the best shaper and have the best leg support.
  8. Rating
    Wish they fit the tall girl

    By RL on

    Great hose, but wish No nonsense had a shaping product the fit the tall girls. At 6'2'', the D-size comes up short
  9. Rating
    The best

    By every on

    I have been wearing sheer energy for years untill i tried these, they fit perfect dont fall down or roll at tummy and they feel great on legs. i have worn 4 pairs almost 5 weeks with no runs hand washing, best pantyhose you can buy i have tried them all.
  10. Love the product

    By Ginger on

    best I have found for the price, fit great and don't creep down
  11. Rating
    A Must-Have in My Wardrobe for Many Years

    By Mrs.Smith on

    This is one of the few products that I happily stumbled upon at a local merchant and then actively sought out when I could not buy it locally anymore. I love the silky smooth feel that is sheer enough for everyday because it is also tough enough not to snag and run too easily. The control top is also helpful for smoothing out the hip area without being unbearably constrictive. I wear these pantyhose almost daily and they regularly lasts me for at least six months. It is also helpful to me that they come in size A, which is a must for my 5'1'' height. I highly recommend!
  12. Rating

    By NB on

    These are the best stockings. They fit great and I love the price!
  13. Rating
    Long lasting and comfortable product!

    By Miriam on

    This is the best brand ever! I used to buy them at the store but now that I can order them online, it's so much better! This pantyhose is so comfortable and long lasting that I always come back for more!!
  14. Rating

    By Connie on

    Your Smart Support Pantyhose is vital to me for health reasons, i.e. varicose veins. Can't do without.
  15. Exceptional value for a great price.

    By HatesShopping on

    These stockings are exactly the support I need for daily wear. They are sheer, yet offer excellent light support for a finished, professional appearance.
  16. Rating
    Terrific pantyhose

    By Lisa on

    The bare bisque color is great for pale skin - it gives me some color without making my legs look oddly tan. They stay up throughout the day pretty well, and I can usually get a few uses out of them before I catch a snag.
  17. Rating
    Love these hose!

    By Mark on

    Been wearing these ever sense the Sheer Endurance were discontinued! Great wearing hose!
  18. Rating
    Consistent quality

    By Debbie on

    This is an excellent value.
  19. Rating
    Great silky support hose

    By Brianna on

    Very silky and comfortable, and makes your legs look Great! I love to see my legs when I'm wearing these pantyhose.
  20. They are just what I needed.

    By Gladys on

    My first time wearing No nonsense. So I really wasn't sure about them. But when JC Penney quit carrying support hose I went looking. I am so pleased that these are as good or better than Penny. And they are not as expensive.
  21. Rating
    Wonderful Product

    By Re Re on

    I have been using this product for years, and would recommend it highly.
  22. Rating
    More for minor

    By Mahogany on

    This product is quality excellent.
  23. Rating
    Very Satisfied

    By peaveymax on

    Good price, good fit, rapid shipping
  24. Black VS Nude colors

    By SVnRxL on

    The black color has a super Sexy thin black line at the bottom of control top that is not visible on the nude color. Love these sexy black Smart Support pantyhose. Makes my legs feel great all day.
  25. Rating
    Surprisingly comfortable and long lasting

    By Stephanie on

    These pantyhose are the most comfortable and best fitting I've ever worn. Last week, I had early morning meetings, a late afternoon meeting and then out til late. I forgot I was wearing them and my legs felt great all day and no binding at the waist! Amazing fit.
  26. Rating
    Love these

    By Scott on

    Smart support are very nice pantyhose as I am on my feet for 12 hours a day. These make my legs feel very good. Spandex is less than expected, but work all so well. Wear these every day to work...
  27. Rating
    Petite gals fav

    By Belle on

    Have worn this product in off black for years. Prefer off black; however, jet is shiny and supportive! Try, you won't be sorry.
  28. Rating
    Love them!

    By Toushea4u on

    I wear pantyhose 5 days per week. I've tried many different brands/types. I keep coming back to these. They're comfortable and the spandex keeps things from ''jiggling''. They don't run easily so I can get quite a few wears out of each pair. Two thumbs up!
  29. Rating
    Best Yet

    By Ray on

    Durable support that helps with the circulation and support for arthritic knees. Doctor suggested support stockings. Low cost alternatve to other support hose with light compression. Like that they at comfortable to wear year round.
  30. Rating
    Smart Support™ Control Top

    By Lindy on

    Love these! Great fit and color. Price is great for a support hose too.
  31. Rating
    A Good Product

    By Reva on

    I have been wearing these pantyhose for many years. They are comfortable and wash well in a lingerie bag.
  32. Rating
    Great product

    By Gmashe on

    Haven't found any other that work for me.
  33. Rating
    Love these nylons!

    By daisylady3 on

    I have been wearing these nylons for years and absolutely could not do without them. I used to be able to get them around where I live, but can't anymore so I order them on line. So happy I can get them here! I love them!
  34. Rating
    Everyday great product

    By DM on

    I use the product as a light support alternative for compression due circulation issues after surgeries. Living in the south makes difficult to wear other compression products daily. My doctor recommended this type of product as alternative and the cost was less since product is durable plus bulk buying options.
  35. Rating
    Great product

    By Grace on

    Great product,great price<br />Long time for selivery
  36. Rating
    Supportive comfortable and dependable

    By aanya on

    I could not wear the medical support hosiery so found on No Nonsense a wonderful supportive replacement. I wear the support panty hose all day every day and they help<br />me feel strength in the legs and ankles to help me walk. Without these on my feet and legs, I ache all over and have more pains than I want to deal with. So these are<br />almost necessary for my needs. I really have loved the durability as well of them. I can use em over and over after washing and have them still feel great!
  37. Rating
    Great nylon

    By Claudette on

    I love these pantyhose. They are the only brand that fit me perfectly and make my legs feel great.!
  38. Rating

    By Annie M. on

    Best product that I have worn for MANY years. Love the spandex that give some support - but not the binding support of a support pantyhose. <br /><br />ONLY COMPLAINT - Cannot find them in any of my stores that I shop any more - So I have to order on line. I place large orders when I am running out - and the processing and shipping process can take from one week up to almost 2. I've asked about Fed Ex or Express Mail and they do not offer it. Wish they could do better here.<br /><br />BUT if you are looking for some support - this is the perfect pantyhose!!
  39. Rating
    favorite color and fit!!!

    By Aanya on

    Love these products!
  40. Rating
    Great Product

    By Shey on

    The control top are my favorite. I wish they still had silk indulgence
  41. Rating
    Great product Smart Support style pantyhose, will purchase again

    By N/A on

    Smart Support pantyhose, bought a smaller size because my size stretched, the smaller size provides great leg support, and feel great.
  42. Rating
    Panyhose Hose light support

    By Bev on

    Love them and the color tan is great and the hose are so comfortable even in hot weather.
  43. Rating
    Not at all the color I was expecting

    By Pam on

    I searched the site for a while trying to find the color that looked like it would work. But site colors are not that accurate, so I took a chance.
  44. Rating
    great pantyhose

    By tommy on

    best pantyhose I have ever worn great with shorts or under jeans
  45. Rating
    Smart Support

    By Mark on

    Some of the best durable hose I have worn! Great fit, value and price.
  46. Rating
    Good fit

    By sadietess on

    Hose fit great, offer great support for my legs during the work day
  47. Rating
    very durable and comfy

    By Aanya on

    I have veen a long time fan of this product . They are very durable, last a while (several wearings) and provide the comfort and support I need daily.
  48. Rating
    Excellent product as well as delivery.

    By Diane on

    I have purchased these stockings for a number of years and will continue to do so as needed---this is another satisfying order---Thanks so much.
  49. Rating
    Love these support hose.

    By Marti on

    I have used Smart Support panty hose for many years. I am on my feet and walk a great deal at work, and really appreciate the consistent quality of this product.
  50. Rating
    BEST Product!!

    By Annnie M. on

    Have been wearing these for years and LOVE that they give some support - although not too much. Use to be able to purchase them at KMart and other stores such as grocery / pharmacy - but about a year a go have not been able to find them. I have had to order on line -but am happy that I can still get them that way!! If you have tired legs try these!!
  51. Rating
    Will buy again

    By Shawn on

    I picked up a pair of these to try at work. I work nights between 8 to 12 hours and most of that time I am standing. They glide well under my work pants and survived the steel toe boots and my legs are not as tired or sore at the end of my shift.
  52. Rating
    Great pair of pantyhose`

    By Lori Lynn on

    The support in these are terrific to keep you going throughout a long day at work, but they're sheer enough to not look like support hose. I have to dress up for work everyday (no casual days) and having good support hose are a must.
  53. Rating
    Great Product

    By Jess on

    Not my usual brand I go with, but the price was right. Sizing is good, but most importantly, no snags! Would give 5 stars, but the material is kind of thick and I found them to be hot.
  54. Rating
    Great fit and runs true to size

    By finn on

    Would recommend to all. I've been wearing these for 5 years plus every day for work and my legs felt great.
  55. Rating
    Feel good all day

    By Mountain Koala on

    Sheer enough, I wear these hose 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So comfortable and just the right amount of compression to make your legs feel great all day. And if you are on the No Nonsense mailing list the best value, when you wait until they offer free shipping and percentage off. No worries with this style.
  56. Rating
    Best Pantyhose

    By Trish on

    They are silky soft and smooth and very durable. The fit is great, too. I've tried many brands but these are the best
  57. Rating
    Great Product!

    By Yoly on

    I've been using your products since I was a teenager and in my adulthood I always loved every item purchased. Thank you!!!
  58. Rating
    Fantastic Pantyhose

    By Erika on

    Great fit & durable. I am always happy with these pantyhose.
  59. Rating
    Great quality

    By Roman on

    Great tights. Fit is good and very smooth.
  60. Rating
    No runs

    By Marilyn on

    I don't feel fully dressed without these great support hose. They are completely comfortable and long wearing plus they don't seem to run.
  61. Rating
    Great product

    By Judy on

    I have used these for years and they give me relief for my varicose veins. I am a teacher and a chef and am on my feet all the time. I appreciate this product very much.
  62. Rating
    Great Product

    By pshoraka on

    Great every day stockings. Size is perfect
  63. Rating
    Good working companion

    By S on

    Love the support when on my feet for long hours
  64. Rating
    Good product

    By Kathie on

    I love these support hose. They wash well and last forever. Good product.
  65. Rating
    Good hose

    By girlygirl on

    Fit is perfect, much more snag/tear resistant, and felt smooth and comfortable.
  66. Rating
    Great product

    By Janet on

    Very durable hosiery and great fit!
  67. Rating
    Worth every penny!

    By Alison on

    These pantyhose are worth every penny. The spandex material hugs the legs and makes them feel energized the whole time you are wearing them. Very durable as well. Other pantyhose I have purchased through No nonsense ran after just one wearing. These are the best!
  68. Rating
    Great support and long wear

    By Collect nothing on

    I wish the product was more user friendly with ethnic colors in the line of support panty hose.
  69. Rating
    Positively No Nonsense

    By Myrna on

    I am so happy with each of my orders. I purchase my pantyhose online. I get them fast, and I do not have to search in stores for them.
  70. Rating
    Great product

    By Nana on

    I would tell my friends and family to buy this product!
  71. Rating
    Great support hose!

    By Michelle on

    These are the best I've found in a long time. They wear well and are pretty durable (you can always poke a finger through if you're rushed and fingernails do damage) when treated properly. I have several pair that have been worn weekly for over a year and they are finally wearing out - the elastic in the waistband is fraying and you can see the threads showing. That's what I call good value!
  72. Rating
    LOVE THESE Pantyhose!

    By Annie M. on

    Have been wearing these for years and love them!! Just enough support.<br />Have a hard time finding them locally - so have to buy on line (this is the only disappointing part of this!)<br />If you're on your feet - these are perfect!
  73. Rating
    Support Hose

    By ticktockgogogo on

    I love your hosiery product. They are comfortable and in the winter time I wear them every day. I am on my feet for 3 hours straight and the support is incredible.
  74. Rating
    Wonderful Support!

    By Anya Reck on

    My mom wears these all the time for support. It helps her so much and she loves them!