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Ultra Sheer Hosiery - 3 Pair Pack

95% of 100

These women's pantyhose are extremely soft and sheer and let your natural skin tone show through.

  • Ultra sheer for flawless look
  • Super soft quality nylon
  • Reinforced toe
  • 3 pair pack
  • Made in USA

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in warm water and mild soap. Drip dry.

93% Nylon 7% Spandex
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Ratings & reviews
95% of 100
82 Reviews Average Rating: 95% Add Your Review
  1. Rating

    By Bobbi on

    I love these hose. They make legs feel comfortable and sexy. The women of No nonsense need to tell everybody else how they feel about these hose.
  2. Rating

    By Donnie on

    These are the most comfortable pantyhose I've ever worn, I love putting them on the feel of the nylons is so fantastic, I can't express how much I love wearing them. I put them on in the morning and I wear them all day sometimes I even sleep in them I absolutely love the honey color and the size D panty is the perfect size and stretch for what I have. It's the perfect look for me! I'd recommend these pantyhose to anyone who loves wearing them as much as I do. I bought a few extra pairs because of sales. I cannot have enough of these!
  3. Rating

    By Bobbi on

    I got ivory color Ultra Sheer on. They are real smooth sexy. Thanks No NONSENSE you really need JET BLACK in. Wal-Mart thanks
  4. Rating
    Love these pantyhose

    By Carla on

    I don't wear pantyhose very often during the summer. However, being from Wisconsin, I frequently wear them as an extra layer under my slacks during our very cold winters. They make my legs look and feel great. Hubby says my legs look great also.
  5. Rating
    Great pantyhose

    By Northern Girl on

    I don't wear pantyhose very often during the summer. However, being from Wisconsin I wear these pantyhose under my slacks everyday during our very cold winters. They are very comfortable and make my legs look and feel great while providing an extra layer of warmth. Highly recommend them
  6. Rating
    Smooth and sexy

    By Sexy on

    Wish I could get the jet black at Walmart. I got a pair of Ultra Sheer on now honey color. THANKS NO NONSENSE LOVE YOUR PANTYHOSE
  7. Rating
    Sexy and smooth

    By Sexy on

    When I wear these I feel SEXY. They are smooth and non slip. I wish you would make ultra sheer jet black that would be sexier thanks
  8. Rating
    Great Pantyhose

    By John on

    I love these pantyhose. They fit great and so good you might forget you have them on.They are so comfortable they are the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night.
  9. Rating

    By Muf on

    I wear these pantyhose all the time. I prefer honey. They are sexy looking and they feel sexy
    From toe to waist. If you had sidenote black I would be sexier. Thanks
  10. Rating
    Great pantyhose

    By Lenny on

    The most comfortable pantyhose i’v ever worn I wear them to work and my legs feel great all day
  11. Rating
    Wonderful Fit, Wonderfully Sheer, Can't Tell They're There!!

    By Davie on

    I simply Love these stockings. I have been wearing only these Ultra-sheer No nonsense pantyhose for several years. I don't want any other stockings, no matter how expensive they are. To me, they never look as great at these Ultra-sheer No nonsense hose. My favorite color is Jet Brown because they match my skin color so perfectly that my friends ask, "Are you wearing hose?" I have been disappointed that I can no longer find them at Walmart; however, I began a few years ago to order them online. I'm so glad I remembered where to find them. I just ordered a supply to last for a while, but it is always comforting to know that should I run out, I can pick them up at Walmart.
  12. Rating
    Where are the No nonsense Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

    By Tiny on

    I forgot to mention what happened to the black and jet black Ultra Sheer Pantyhose. Please bring them back also
  13. Rating
    Best stockings ever

    By Cocoa on

    Five stars but there are very hard to find. Walmart no longer sells them so i can keep enough pairs to wear for the year.
  14. Rating
    LOVE maker

    By Pantyhose Lover on

    These pantyhose are so sheer. I have them on when I do yard work and they comfortable. Thanks
  15. Rating
    A Most Pleasurable Fit and Feel To Be Enjoyed

    By Babycakes on

    I've worn pantyhose since high school (over forty years) and I can't ever recall wearing any other hose as silky feeling and snug fitting as these. I did take the tip of turning them inside out before slipping into them and it does improve the silkiness. I can wear these day and night with total comfort. Just an overall wonderful experience! I truly love my No nonsense Ultra Sheers!
  16. Rating
    Great product!

    By BB on

    Excellent product! Love them...really need them especially when going to work and church. But why did they stop selling them at Walmart and why did the cost go up? How can we get them back in Walmart? They used to be $0.88 then $0.99 and the cost kept going up! Is there anywhere this nylons can be bought or is it only online? Other than that, this is a great product! I love the Jet Brown color, matches my skin perfectly, you can't tell I'm wearing nylons!
  17. Rating
    Ultra sheer

    By Little bit on

    I really like these stockings. Two concerns: why did they stop selling at Wal-Mart, and why don't they still make the color Jet Brown
  18. Rating
    Love them

    By K on

    First time to go with ultra sheer and I love them.
  19. Rating
    Smooth and sexy

    By Bobbi on

    I love this ultra sheer hose honey color and off black are my favorite. Very sexy and very smooth. If any can not find this hose. Try WAL-MART.
  20. Rating
    Amazing at such a low cost

    By Carla S. on

    It's one thing to love the concept of something, but it's another thing to truly love something. I fell in love with these pantyhose after the first wear! Just be careful with the rear seam. It's delicate and can develop a hole. Otherwise the perfect 10 denier ultrasheers. I enjoy wearing these everyday.
  21. Rating
    Can't Be Without These

    By Primped on

    I enjoy the sheerness and the snug fit that these pantyhose give me. Nice to find hosiery that doesn't have the cotton gusset because I seem to stay cooler down there in these. These seem to hold up very well for such a low cost. Try wearing these inside for a different experience. I truly love these nylons because I can be comfortable in these NoNonsense pantyhose 24 hours a day!
  22. Rating
    Fantastic feeling and sexy look

    By David on

    Lightweight 10 din feeling great for warm summer days. Nice under jeans. I also use them for sleeping and love the look and feeling
  23. Rating
    Great To Wear 24 Hours A Day

    By Country Carla on

    These pantyhose are great to wear anytime and nearly anywhere. They feel silkiest when worn inside out so please try this!
  24. Rating
    Great fit!

    By Don on

    I love the feeling of my these on my legs, I wear them all day. I love how the panty fits me. I'd recommend these to anyone who wants a great pair of pantyhose. Can't beat the price either, if you get a run, just toss them. I'm sure glad I found these, I no longer wear any other kind!
  25. Rating
    The Ultra Sheer pantyhose are the bomb.

    By Lattie Pie on

    Please bring my stocking to me! At the Walmart Stores. Honey and off black Ultra Sheer.
  26. Rating
    Smooth and sexy

    By Polkie on

    This brand of pantyhose white, nude,honey and off BLACK can be found at Wal-Mart in sizes b,c,d . I love wearing them.
  27. Rating

    By Bobbi on

    These Ultra Sheer are fantastic and I wear them all the time morning and at bed time. They are so comfortable I forget to take off at bedtime. So I sleep in them. The women of No nonsense don't share their review about these pantyhose. Please make your review No nonsense ladies. Thanks
  28. Rating
    I loved the No nonsense Ultra Sheer hosiery

    By FLA on

    I loved the No nonsense Ultra Sheer Reinforced hosiery in the shades as Honey, Ivory and Off black in which I formerly purchased at the District of Columbia's WalMart stores. Please consent to re-store or reinstate selling the best ever hosiery at "The District of Columbia's WalMart."
  29. Rating

    By Sandy on

    I loved the No nonsense brand of hosiery. I usually buy a large quantity when I would see them in Walmart. Now, I can't hardly find stocking that fit like No nonsense. Why did Walmart stop selling them, we were buying them, so what happened??...Please consider your customers and bring No nonsense hosiery back!!!
  30. Rating
    Perfect color for women of color

    By Cynthia on

    Come on Walmart!! Look out for your customers!!!! Please bring back these pantyhose. Especially the coffee and jet brown!! Please!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Rating
    Very smooth

    By Legs on

    No nonsense Ultra Sheer is more sturdy than Gildan pantyhose.
  32. Rating
    Walmart no longer sells

    By Starbell on

    I have worn these stockings for many years. I was disappointed that Walmart no longer sells them. I will continue to purchase online this right now is the only source
  33. Rating
    LOVE the ultrasheer

    By Smoothly on

    Lady j you can find ultra sheer in the hose dept at walmart
  34. Rating

    By Pantyhose Love on

    The ultra sheer are real real good hose the honey color fits the color of my legs and the color nude does to. These are the best the size b don't slide up and down or any way. You can get these hose at WAL-MART.
  35. Rating

    By Leg on

    When I get out there are no wrinkles or they do not slide like other pantyhose do.
  36. Rating
    Stocking availability

    By LadyJ on

    I love these stocking... However, I have not been able to find them in Walmart lately... Have they been discontinued?
  37. Rating
    Very smooth

    By Pantyhose on

    These pantyhose can take a lot of abuse

    I wear these 24/7. No runs no tears I wear them to bed. I shave my legs every morning. They do just fine. Thanks for the good pantyhose
  38. Rating

    By Leg on

    You can find these pantyhose at WAL-MART. Trust me you can.
  39. Rating

    By Ultrasheer on

    These pantyhose are real smooth and l wear them inside and outside in the yard. I mow yard in them and they do not slide down legs. They are still comfortable thanks for a good product.
  40. Rating
    These ultra sheer are smooth silky I will be in these all summer they are great

    By Leggs on

    You can find these at Walmart.
  41. Rating
    10 Denier Bliss

    By Carla on

    I can't believe how silky these pantyhose are. I am enjoying these 24/7. I will be in these all summer because they're so comfortable too. I love these wonderful nylons!
  42. Rating
    Great Hosiery! Not available at Walmart anymore, though.

    By Created2Worship1 on

    These are the best! The color works for me. I love the sheerness. The price fits my budget. I live in a rural area, so I'm a bit disappointed that Walmart doesn't carry them anymore. Our local grocery store used to carry them but they have renovated and don't carry them anymore either. Thankful I can order online.
  43. Rating

    By DELMAR on

  44. Rating
    Great product

    By Beatrice on

    I have worn these hosiery for over 30 years.
  45. Rating
    Love These Pantyhose

    By Church GMA on

    Ultra Sheer but VERY Sturdy. Great Color, not too loose leg sizing. Love them
  46. Rating
    Inside Out Pantyhose

    By 24/7 HoseAdvocate on

    I really appreciate the 10 denier feel of these wonderful all nylon (in the legs) pantyhose. Wear these pantyhose inside out if you desire the ultimate sheerness. I'm sure you will concur with me. I also enjoy the absence of a cotton gusset too because it allows more air down there. I love wearing these pantyhose 24/7!
  47. Rating

    By Angie B on

    I love these hose. They fit perfectly and the color is awesome. Please don’t discontinue them. Quality, affordable pantyhose are hard to find.
  48. Rating
    Excellent quality and value

    By Robin on

    I love No Nonsense and I'm sad that my local Walgren's and Giant supermarket don't I'm sad that my local drug store and supermarket don't seem to carry them any more. I
    have started ordering online because they are simply the best. I wear D/XL and
    am very satisfied. I just wish multipacks came in other colors but single pairs of the other colors are also good price and quality. So many brands have gone downhill but No Nonsense has maintained its quality control.
  49. Rating

    By EXCELLENT BUY !!!!!! THE BEST MADE to me, I wash them and wear them while working in the hospital on

  50. Rating

    By on

    These use to be at walmart. These are the best stockings I have ever ever ever ever worn. They are fabulous. please tell me where can I buy more Walmart seems to have stopped carrying this brand please help me locate more without buying them online... Thanks
  51. Rating

    By Taylor on

    I love these pantyhose. Only brand and type I wear! I wear them almost everyday! However, I am very disappointed that my local Walmart locations don’t sell them anymore. My mother, my sister, and I would rack up on them; until we saw they were gone! We of course are coming to the manufacturer website because this is the only brand we trust; however, disappointing to know we have to pay more for them now and wait for them to be shipped rather than just grabbing them from the store. Love the product though!
  52. Rating
    I LOVE These Also

    By Happy Too on

    Maryann, which Walmart do you shop at? What City/State?
  53. Rating
    I bought these at Walmart for 1.75 ea. I love them. They are comfy and they fit great.

    By MaryAnn on

    Absolutely love them
  54. Rating
    The best hosiery

    By Alyssa on

    I normally purchase this product in quantity online as I seem to have problems finding it in stores. This hosiery product feels and looks great. If you ever get a chance to try them, you will never want to purchase another ultra sheer hosiery product. I wear a size D/XL and they are truly a perfect fit.
  55. Rating
    great smooth pantyhose sexy also

    By bobbie on

    These are really great
  56. Every one should wear these

    By Mary Beth on

    great pantyhose and very sheer
  57. Lovely Style

    By Mary Beth on

    Try a pair, you will love it
  58. Rating
    Love Them

    By Poochie55 on

    Very comfortable hose. Love the color.
  59. Rating
    Greatt Color

    By nbkhx48 on

    The jet brown color in these hose is very nice. They match my skin color very well and unless I tell it, no one knows that I am wearing them. I am a tall woman and the fit is great.
  60. Rating
    Excellent sheer hose

    By Mikey G on

    Super sheer and slinky. With the honey shade, it looks like you're not wearing nylons. Great reinforced toes as well.
  61. Rating
    Great fit

    By Decatur Lady on

    This product ahs always been of great quality and fit. So happy to purchase them

    By James on

    Adds just enough color and maintains a sexy sheer look.
  63. Rating
    Great stockings

    By Couponmama on

    This product is the best that I’ve tried thus far. I love the feel of the product and the price is great.
  64. Great look at a great price

    By Stephanie on

    Just enough coverage so my legs don't look like a frozen turkey. I know. This time of year, i don't like to show them off, unless they have some color. These are great if you don't need/want any support. <br />Very sexy. I get lots of compliments. Only $2.89 a pair. You can't go wrong at that price!
  65. Great product

    By C on

    Best pantyhose around
  66. Ultra Sheer Hosiery

    By Diane on

    The first package every time I put on a pair of the hosiery there seem to be a run in them. So the first four pair of hosiery was damage.
  67. Rating
    Very Nice

    By Jonainpdx on

    These have an almost not there look. Very low compression which is a plus in my book. They do move around a little bit on the leg when you walk. Which is fine by me.
  68. Rating
    Doesn't get any better than these

    By Snickers on

    Love the fact that every time I order I get consistent quality!!
  69. Rating
    Not quite what I expected.

    By LouLou on

    I was a little disappointed as the hosiery was not what I've purchased in the past...the stretch was not as expected, plus the sheerness was not as smooth.
  70. Rating
    I really like the hosiery.

    By LouLou on

    I wear these as my hosiery of choice. Had to order these as I can't find them in my area.
  71. Rating
    This product was really beautiful & what I was looking for

    By KITTEN on

    This product is so comfortable
  72. Rating
    Great product

    By Kathy P on

    Best product and I would recommend all to order. I place an order every month
  73. Rating
    Great product. Glad I found this website.

    By Ms. Charlie on

    This hosiery is great. I like the feel and the fit is perfect.
  74. Rating
    Poor Quality

    By Lawbunnie on

    They tore within an hour of normal wear.
  75. Rating
    Wish these had a cotton gusset!

    By Nikki on

    I love these nylons but wish they had a cotton crotch. They fit perfectly and look beautiful and I love the reinforced toe. I'd wear these everyday if they had a cotton gusset.
  76. Rating
    Very poor pantyhose

    By Pat on

    These are very poor quality panty hose. They ''hang'' on your legs as opposed to fitting snugly. They were extremely uncomfortable.
  77. Rating
    Great find!

    By Nannan on

    I love these panty hose.
  78. Rating
    Pretty nylons

    By Classic Style Gal on

    Nice feeling, smooth nylons. Look great on my legs but too small for me. I so wish you would make your ultra sheers in size E for us more statuesque girls.
  79. Rating
    Great panty hose

    By Michele on

    I love these panty hose! The fit is perfect. They are so sheer and the color looks great on my legs.
  80. Rating
    one of the best

    By ultrasheer15den2001 on

    some of the best in Ultra Sheer ever made, bring back black colors.
  81. Rating
    Awesome Product

    By Zoee on

    The best pantyhose ever. I would highly recommend this product.
  82. Rating
    Great product for the price

    By Jim on

    I really like the honey color and you can't beat the price. I especially like that there is no extra panel in the crotch.