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No nonsense Sheer To Waist 1 pair

93% of 100

These women's classic pantyhose are extremely comfortable to get you through your entire day.

  • Sheer from toe to waist
  • Wide waistband
  • Contoured gusset for ideal fit
  • 1 pair pack
  • Made in USA

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in warm water and mild soap. Drip dry.

  • Panty: 91% Nylon 9% Spandex
  • Leg: 100% Nylon
Ratings & reviews
93% of 100
48 Reviews Average Rating: 93% Add Your Review
  1. Rating
    Great product.

    By Lady on

    Fantastic fit and comfort. However, I can no longer find coffee nor jet brown in size C.. Please bring them back.
  2. Rating
    I hope everyone is aware that they are discontinuing these, if you put up enough of a stink, maybe they will change their mind

    By cousin on

    Fantastic pantyhose!
  3. Rating
    Fantastic and comfortable

    By Ronda on

    I have been wearing sheer to waist pantyhose since I was a teen and love the comfort of the feel on my legs like you don't have anything on, wish you could have them back in stores again.
  4. Rating
    I love these pantyhose so comfortable to wear.

    By Cristina on

    I wear no other brand of panty hose.
  5. Rating
    Quality Pantyhose!

    By Faith on

    Finally! pantyhose that do not run and tear the first day you wear them. I have tried many but these pantyhose actually last. Its so much better that they are sheer throughout! I wear them with shorts so it is very convenient and flattering.
  6. Rating
    I love the sheer to waist pantyhose.

    By Suezanne C. B. on

    I love the sheer to waist pantyhose. Been wearing them since I was a teen. I wish you could get the discount on 12 like you used to.
  7. Rating
    Love the no control top been wearing for years feel and looks great

    By chuck on

    Love them--5 stars
  8. Rating
    Great product

    By K on

    This product feels smooth and fits goods . Great product. I have worn these before
  9. Rating
    No nonsense Sheer to Waist are best. Where is the Midnight Black?

    By KG on

    No nonsense Sheer to Waist are best. Where is the Midnight Black? Used to buy these all the time. Only sheer to waist black pantyhose I would buy. Looked and felt great. Wish you would sell the midnight black in sheer to waist again. Please!
  10. Rating
    Can't find colors coffee, nor jet brown,

    By Cathy on

    Can't find anywhere in town nor in surrounding areas. Have worn them for years!!!
  11. Rating
    Hard To Find Good Sheer To The Waist Pantyhose. These Are Wonderful

    By Scott & Marny on

    Still love the way sheer to the waist pantyhose look and feel. These have such a silky feel to them. Makes me think back to when I first started to wear pantyhose as a Teen. These were my goto pantyhose back in the day with the short dresses and skirts that used to show of so much leg.
  12. Rating
    I love these pantyhose.

    By Cristina on

    for the price they are the best out there.
  13. Rating
    Sheer All Over

    By Jana V on

    I dress in pantyhose daily for work and wear these alone as lingerie in nude with my tighter fitting, off white pencil skirts and form fitting pants that are also light colored for an even look with no panty lines. Also, these sport well with my shorter dresses and skirts since they are sheer to the waist and no panty transition line shows when sitting. Very reasonably priced, and my legs appear slightly finished without a heavy hosiery look while the leg and panty portions feel light weight and almost not there - very comfortable! At 5'-6'', I am borderline size A to B and sized down to A for a perfectly snug fit.
  14. Great Product, Great Price!

    By Fran on

    Accurate sizing, amazing wearability and great look.
  15. Rating
    Glad to find them again

    By Steph in skirts on

    This is my ''go to'' pantyhose that I wear the most...and have had trouble finding in stores. But online is good. These fit well, and have a really good sheer to waist style. I usually wear alone or with a high waist thong on the outside to cover the seams and accentuate the curves on my rear. They have a very nice matte finish and good tan shade that compliments my skin tone.
  16. Rating
    Fits well

    By Vissdoc on

    Fits well <br />Sheer to waist no baggy crotch
  17. Rating
    My Favorite Pantyhose !

    By Stuart on

    I have been wearing No Nonsense Pantyhose for many years and<br />No nonsense sheer to the waist has always been one of my favorites.<br />I love wearing them.
  18. Rating
    Great product

    By Mattup on

    This is a great product
  19. Rating

    By Josephine young on

    Theses are the pantyhose’s I’ve been trying to find, they quite saling them here,and when they did there were costly. Thank you feels like I don’t even have them on! Lower the price a little more. It would keep me as a customer. I will order more later.
  20. Rating
    recent order

    By peter on

    great product for the Models I work with and great service totally recommend for great pair of legs
  21. Rating
    Great fit / Great price

    By Stephanie on

    As my summer tan fades, these give my legs a little color as we slip into the colder months. <br />They fit great and look great. Like makeup for my legs.
  22. Rating
    Perfect fit, true to size, no sagging

    By Stephanie on

    This is the perfect pair for light coverage without the confining feel of support hose. They look great, especially this time of year when my tan is fading!! They're like make-up for your legs. And at this price, you're not worrying about runs, although they lasted many washings. <br />I definitely recommend them.
  23. Rating
    Great Pantyhose

    By Mari on

    Nice looking and very resistant.
  24. Good hose for a good price

    By Jackie on

    I have been wearing no nonsense pantyhose for my entire teaching career of 40+ years. They are comfortable, good looking, and well made. I machine wash them in a hosiery bag and hang them to dry. They last for a very long time.
  25. Rating

    By tina72 on

    i love these pantyhose. if you pull too tight they will rip, but if you dont, they're fine. very sturdy. love them
  26. Rating
    love these hose

    By maya on

    I love these hose , but do miss the value packs for the queen size
  27. Rating

    By Exquisite Taste on

    Very happy with the product
  28. Rating
    Best stockings on the planet!

    By JuJu on

    I have been wearing No Nonsense for the past 30 years. Always get compliments on my legs. Love that they are matte and the nude color is spot on. The sheer to the waist is all I wear. Just want them to be sold in the stores again (in my area, not available). The fit is wonderful and like that they do not snag or run easily. Please, never discontinue this product. Would hate to wear pants forever.
  29. Rating
    Great product , feels smooth

    By Phil on

    This product feels smooth and fits goods . Great product. I have worn these before but this are bettter now . Will be buying again.
  30. Rating
    Great product

    By Shelcha on

    I have always worn these in the past and have been having trouble getting them in stores. I wish I would not have waited so long to order on line from No Nonsense. Same great fit as years before. Love them! Easy to order and very reasonable price.
  31. Rating
    Fantastic Product!

    By PR on

    These stockings are the best along with the color just right!
  32. Rating

    By Kiera on

    Good product
  33. Rating
    Good Product and Price ( 35-45% less than retail stores)

    By Jenn M. on

    Highly recommend !
  34. Rating
    Hard to find and a great bargain

    By Creekgirl on

    This is the only place I can find sheer to waist pantyhose that look and feel wonderful.
  35. Rating
    Great product

    By Carol on

    My favorite for everyday wear at the office
  36. Rating
    Product Hasn't Changed

    By M Rose on

    I love that it is always the same and comfortable to wear.
  37. Rating
    Moderately pleased

    By Grammy on

    They seem to wear well but I am constantly frustrated when the waistband rolls down on the stockings as I take them off making It very difficult to 'unroll' them before I wash them and reuse them another time.
  38. Rating
    Happy to find

    By Amelia Simeone on

    Impossible to find sheer to waist pantyhose in stores. So happy to find I can purchase online. Just wish these came in more colors.
  39. Rating

    By Rhonda on

    Glad I can order these product. Hard to find in stores and this is only brand I like. Good price too
  40. Rating

    By Bettina on

    This is the only place one can find sheer to waist panty hose. Everyone does not need thanks Sheer to Waist....
  41. Rating
    Sheer to the Waist kudos!

    By Sheer fan on

    I have been wearing No Nonsense Sheer to the Waist pantyhose since college. Superb product and price!!!<br />I hate the off color panty from other brands that goes to mid-thigh. Ugly and not flattering at all. My husband agrees!<br />My usual sources of buying them locally stopped carrying the Sheer to the Waist at all and I was lost.<br />Finally called the Customer Service number on the website, so easy they now they keep me supplied regularly.<br />Thanks for the sheer sexy product!
  42. Rating
    Good product

    By Sheran on

    Always a great buy!
  43. Rating

    By BAB on

    Items were what I wanted. Just wished they carried more colors
  44. Rating
    love them

    By p on

    love the sheer to waist pantyhose, hope they come in white soon, the have a very soft feel and are easy to wear all day
  45. Rating
    Never underwhelmed

    By Franny on

    Always good quality and always know what to expect from each order
  46. Rating
    Good product

    By Meryl on

    Product and service was as expected
  47. Rating

    By Lee R on

    Thank you for your speedy delivery! I'm glad I am able to purchase these nylons online as I cannot find them in stores anywhere and go through multiple pairs as an entertainer! A+
  48. Rating
    Very Sheer!

    By brenda on

    No nonsense Sheer-To-Waist pantyhose are wonderfully sheer. I love these pantyhose as they do not have the full ''panty,'' the bottoms of which are often visible beneath the hem of a short skirt or dress. A definite staple in my wardrobe!