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Sheer & Silky® Lace Panty - 3 Pair Pack

91% of 100
For smooth texture sheer pantyhose that feel like silk on your skin try No nonsense Sheer & Silky sheer. Nylon/spandex blend sheer hose makes your legs look great with the sheerest of coverage. Shapes your body while offering effortless style.
Sheer & Silky® Lace Panty - 3 Pair Pack
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91% of 100
37 Reviews Average Rating: 91% Add Your Review
  1. Rating
    Bare Bisque is great for fair skinned ladies

    By Lisa on

    I keep buying these because the color Bare Bisque is great for my very pale skin as I am a redhead. It's a nude color but lighter than what is usually sold as "nude". Also nice and sheer. Also I I like that these are not control top, because those things just create a muffin top at the waist for me and are so uncomfortable.
  2. Rating
    I wore Almost Bare for years and then Sheer and Silky in almost black. Now that shade is gone. I'll have to find another brand. Why do companies do that?

    By Carol on

    My review was 4 stars, but now is 0.
  3. Rating
    I Love These! However...

    By WendiSidy on

    Up until recently, I would have given this line of pantyhose 5 Stars. I have worn and regularly ordered this particular line of No Nonsense pantyhose since I was in my late 20's. (They were called Almost Bare back then). The name changed to Sheer and Silky but they were still the same pantyhose that I loved. However, my ratings have dropped because all of a sudden they stopped carrying my favorite (and most useful) color - Almost Black. That color was great for when I wanted a darker leg but not a black leg, and I wore them to work almost daily. I have no idea why the company decided that this was a color that needed to be dropped. If the Powers That Be actually pay attention to reviews. I hope you are listening - You have given me, a loyal customer of over 20 years, no choice but to look to one of your competitors.
  4. Rating

    By Sexy on

    Very smooth very sexy beautiful good colorsbut need to make all colors. The women at Nononsense need to comment to.
  5. Rating
    Love These Pantyhose

    By Scott & Marny on

    These are the most silky feeling pantyhose. Love how they feel and look. Makes me always feel better just putting them on to go out. Always try to keep tan and black pairs in my dresser. I hope they never stop making these. They are my #1 go to pantyhose when I want to look my best and feel sexy!
  6. Rating
    Lovely smooth hose and sexy

    By Leggs on

    I Love these hose I wish you would make them in every color. That would be fantastic for my wardrobe.
  7. Rating
    Lovely smooth hose and sexy

    By Leggs on

    I Love these hose I wish you would make them in every color. That would be fantastic for my wardrobe.
  8. Rating

    By becblank on

    I have been looking for fancy pantyhoses that were not control top with a line in the leg. I wanted sheer pantyhose to wear with a dress with a slit. So happy I found these!
  9. Rating
    Love Hose

    By Body on

    Wear them all the time. Very sexy smooth

  10. Rating
    Sexy pantyhose

    By Leggs on

    Love the nude toe love the sexy panty
    Love the way they fit. They Are sexy looking
  11. Rating
    Wonderfully Sheer & Silky Hose!

    By Stuart on

    These pantyhose are sheer & silky and I love the lace panty, It adds a nice feminine
    touch. I love wearing them. Thanks No nonsense.
  12. Rating

    By Jen on

  13. Rating
    Beautiful hose

    By Legs on

    These are just like real pantyhose supposed to do. Hug your legs right and feel good. Thank you
  14. Rating
    Beautiful hose

    By Legs on

    These are just like real pantyhose supposed to do. Hug your legs right and feel good. Thank you
  15. Rating
    nice fit

    By vik on

    fit very nicely, have a sort of ''class'' look about them, like wearing wolford only without the cost.
  16. Rating
    Sexy Nylons!

    By JoanMVA on

    Love the high leg lacy panty on these. Have used them for years and would not use anything else! Soft and sexy (even in beige). What's not to love about them?

    By TK on

  18. Rating
    Always pleased

    By Lightfoot on

    I really enjoy the savings and always pleased with items I order!
  19. Most Comfortable

    By MomComfort on

    Though most women no longer wear pantyhose and stores don't stock them, I appreciate your still producing them for those of us who still need them.<br />
  20. Rating
    Sheer Look - No Pressure

    By Teresa on

    I like this product because it doesn't have any ''control'' top... I am generally in hose for at least 9-10 hours a day and this product allows me the comfort I need. I would say though, they are not durable and ''run'' quite easily.
  21. Rating
    Great product

    By Jan H on

    I've been buying this product for years and it fits great, and is a good quality product for the money
  22. Rating
    great pantyhose

    By Desie on

    These are great pantyhose and I enjoy----They seem to last for a long time
  23. Rating
    sheer & silky pantyhose

    By Sherri Baker on

    I bought sheer to the waist pantyhose for years & since I no longer can find them I thought I'd try these. They are awful. Every time I put a pair on they run immediately. I will never buy these again.
  24. Rating
    comfortable stockings!

    By Debbie on

    These stocking are the most comfortable ones I've had in a very long time. I only wish they still had them in the suntan color. I buy them direct from No nonsense as drug stores never have the correct sizes.
  25. Rating
    Sheer & Silky Lacy Pantyhose

    By Monique on

    These really fit me! I'm not very tall or large but have (out of proportion) long legs and the pantyhose offered for my size are always too short. This time I ordered Size D, despite being below the recommended height and weight. It's such a relief to have pantyhose that are long enough!
  26. Rating
    Love these pantyhose

    By Marybeth on

    I highly recommend this product for its silky lightweight feel. It makes your legs look polished without even looking like your wearing pantyhose.
  27. Rating

    By SEE on

    Very sheer hose - would like them to have a reinforced toe
  28. Rating
    Learning curve

    By Ren on

    These are not like traditional pantyhose that are tight all around the hip. There is a bit of a learning curve for how to put them on and have them not creep down through the day. At first I did not like them but now that I have worn them a few times (and perfected my technique) I tend to prefer them to traditional (control top style) pantyhose
  29. Rating
    Great look, fleeting life

    By Emkay on

    I do love the look of these very sheer hose--it's the closest I can come to a bare leg. But I get only one or two wearing out of each pair--they run like nothing I've ever worn before.
  30. Rating
    Great nylons

    By LAG on

    I love these nylons because they are truly sheer. The only drawback is that they are so sheer, they tear/run easily. I can usually only get one to three uses of a pair. You have to be very careful not to pull to hard and any little snag and they're gone. I still get them though because I love they way my legs look when I wear them and there's not uncomfortable tightness or rolling in the tummy area because of the sheer lace panty.
  31. Rating
    Love the feel

    By jan on

    I have been wearing this particular hose for many years.. Started buying on line when unable to get in a retail store any more. They give a very light support and feel great! Only problem for me is they tend to run easier than others I have tried. But I am willing to risk because of the look and feel and a great price!
  32. Rating
    Love My Legs!

    By These Legs are made for Walking! on

    Great and silky light weight stockings that Loves My Legs!
  33. Rating
    Hooray my favorite pantyhose are back!

    By SassyMimi55 on

    I was so upset when my favorite hose (Almost Bare) were discontinued. Now here these are! I love the sheer look without the control top (NOT MADE FOR ME) and the built in panty. So thank you for restoring my faith that older women still have choices. Love these!
  34. Rating
    Great product

    By Vivian on

    Good product, I have been wearing this product for many years and I am completely satisfied
  35. Rating
    Decent product

    By dak on

    Its sheer and wears well,
  36. Rating
    Great Product, BUT, the packaging needs much improvement.

    By Verna C on

    3 pairs were damaged due to packaging. The glue stuck to the the leg of the hose. Three pairs were lost due to the glue. What happened to the plastic bag inside the package?
  37. Rating
    Love them

    By Luz on

    They are my favor and I will recommend them.