Super Opaque Control Top Tights - 1 Pair Pack

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Switch things up and add a pop of color to your wardrobe! Our Super Opaque Control Top Tights feature control top benefits so that you can show off your style all day!

  • Super opaque leg coverage
  • Tapered leg for better fit
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Control top panty
  • 1 pair pack
  • Made in USA

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in warm water and mild soap. Drip dry.

  • Panty: 81% Nylon 19% Spandex
  • Leg: 89% Nylon 11% Spandex
Ratings & reviews
95% of 100
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  1. Rating
    Excellent coverage, great fit.

    By Ruby on

    I don't know how they do it, but these are wonderful tights that last and last and are super comfortable!
  2. Rating
    Amazing fit and comfort

    By debmomof8 on

    I have been searching for tights that don't fall down, I'm a mom of 8, so that's a problem. I love these! I saved the package and searched online and found this site! I'll be buying more of these! But I echo the others, I'd like more colors in my size XL
  3. Rating
    Tights are great!

    By Cher on

    Need more colors in bigger sizes.
  4. Rating
    Where are the colors?

    By Tammy on

    You've had all summer to re-stock in preparation for fall, yet in my size you only have black? These are great tights and fit/wear well, but you really need to improve the selection in ALL sizes.
  5. Rating
    Great Tights, need colors

    By Hiker Girl on

    The season for wearing tights is fast approaching. I love these No nonsense tights, but I can only find them in black, brown and gray. That being said, I guess you need to be a size Small to get all the colors. I'm not alone in wanting to purchase the fashion colors, since I primarily wear black. Please bring ALL the colors in ALL the sizes. Thank you.
  6. Rating

    By LIS on

    Strong and durable. Hug your legs and best news? They stay in place and don't roll down. Thank God! Finally someone figures it out!
  7. Rating
    Best Tights ever

    By Dan on

    I had to buy these on Amazon because your site doesn't sell my size but whoa, perfect fit! It even comes up high over my tummy and it doesn't slip. I ordered the XL. To give you a better idea of the fit I weigh 218 lbs and I am 5 ft 9" tall.
  8. Rating
    Great opaque tights, awesome color selection!

    By Lee2389 on

    I needed brown opaque tights on short notice and were able to find these in store. Technically Espresso, but it was pretty much spot on the color I was looking for. These give complete opaque coverage, and are very soft and comfortable. Will definitely be coming back for some of the other great colors they're offered in!
  9. Rating
    These tights are great and keep me going all day and parts of the night.

    By Satisfied on

    I have bought these tights a number of times from Stop and Stop in Wychoff NJ because they are so so comfortable. However, they only stock Black. I was told that I should contact the company to see if they come in more colors. You website show these tights in many more colors. Therefore , I am wondering can you supply the Stoop and Shopn in Wychoff with colors instead of the black?
  10. Rating

    By DELMAR on

    I tried a pair on Thanksgiving day and I really liked them with all the movement they didn't roll down at all.
  11. Rating

    By RAAng on

    I love these tights, but they never seem to have colors in my size. Even the Starry Night, which is simple blue, has been gone in L since the spring. Some colors I haven't seen...ever. Really, black tights I can get anywhere. I need colors and No Nonsense lists colors I like, but then don't have them in stock. Ever.
  12. Rating

    By jja on

    A+ tights ,Wear them on regular basis. Keep up the great work
  13. Rating
    Nice Tights

    By RAAng on

    I really like these tights. Unfortunately, they never have all the colors, just the very basics. I've been checking them for about a year now and they never seem to replenish the colors.
  14. Rating
    Opaque tights

    By Gail on

    I have recently purchased the Super Opaque Tights and these by far are the best fitting hose I have ever worn. Very well made.

  15. Rating

    By Faith on

    These are by far my favorite tights. They are opaque especially if you size up (which I recommend in most cases). They are also comfortable and haven't torn yet!
  16. Rating

    By Maggie on

    Perfect fit!!!
  17. Rating
    Great product - great color

    By Nancy Nix-Rice on

    I went to the web site to order these tights in the Espresso brown after I saw another woman wearing them. Decided to take a chance on the gray color too since I have cool new gray suede booties. They turned out to be a very versatile shade of gray and go with lots of my clothes. They provide shape and support, are comfy, durable and I couldn't be more satisfied., Thanks!
  18. Rating
    I stopped her in Costco

    By Nancy Nix-Rice on

    I desperately wanted great chocolate brown tights and couldn't find them. So when I saw a woman at the store wearing them I waylaid her to ask where she got them. Couldn't believe it - I've been a huge fan of No nonsense Great Shapes pantyhose for many years, but didn't realize they had these tights! They are the best - shaping support, truly opaque, durable, comfy and a versatile shade of brown. I love wearing brown instead of black and this lets me get so much more cold-weather use from my brown clothes. I recommended these tights on my blog and tell friends about them all the time.
  19. Rating
    Wonderful product

    By CGM on

    These are without a doubt the best hose you will find for the money anywhere. They are ultra comfortable, great support and can be worn all day without a problem.
  20. Wishing...

    By Magpie on

    I love all the tights I have gotten from No nonsense! I have wanted this army color for years but the color is discontinued and they didn’t have it in my size. So I lost 50 pounds, no joke, so I could fit the medium. Please NN, bring back this color!
  21. Rating
    Fantastic Product

    By CGM on

    I would highly recommend the super opaque control top tights to anyone looking for all day comfortable support that looks good too.
  22. Best tights!

    By acg on

    These are the best tights at a great price. The fit and weight are perfect.
  23. Rating
    Really nice

    By Jaymee on

    Soft comfortable and opaque.
  24. Rating
    Great coverage, lots of stretch

    By Pauline on

    My past experience with super opaque tights is that the heavier yarn and weave will not provide enough stretch to fit. I was very surprised to find that these 90 denier super opaque tights were not only as supple as opaque tights, but provided even coloring from toe to waist. They have a comfortable, wide waistband. These tights are a great value. I hope No nonsense keeps the color selection in all sizes more than the usual black, brown, and gray.
  25. Rating
    cute color..

    By Jessica on

    Pretty color for some Christmas dress/skirt outfits.
  26. Rating
    These are the best tights money can buy

    By CGM on

    What can I say, been wearing No nonsense Super Opaque control top tights for three years and loving them. Wear them all year, Spring thru Winter they keep me comfortable and have great support for my legs. They wear like iron and last and last, they truly are a great value and a great look.
  27. Rating
    The best tights I ever bought

    By CGM on

    These tights are very comfortable, give great support and wear like iron. You can not buy a better pair for any price.
  28. Rating
    Fantastic product

    By CGM on

    These are the best wearing , most comfortable, best support tights I have ever worn. They wear like iron and can be worn for long days , I mean like 16 hour days without any problem. I would recommend this product highly.
  29. Rating
    Fantastic Product

    By CGM on

    I think these are by far the best tights I have ever worn. They last long, they are extremely comfortable and they offer all day support. In fact I have worn them on several occasions for more than 16 hours at one time. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs comfort, style and support, you won't be disappointed. In fact you'll wonder why you didn't try them sooner !
  30. No nonsense tights

    By Janet on

    My order came quickly and was very pleased with the tights. I would recommend to anyone I know to go through you on the internet.
  31. Rating
    This is truly a wonderful product

    By CGM on

    I wore this product all Summer long and was very comfortable even in 100 degree weather, they really do have breathable technology in tights ! At first I did not believe such a thing existed, but sure enough it worked even on the hottest days. Great comfort, perfect fit and what I needed the most, great support all over my legs and hips. I have problems with circulation and severe arthritis in my knees, hips and back and these Super Opaque Control Top Tights are a Godsend compared to medical hose. I am very grateful for them and I would recommend them to everyone who are looking for great fitting, comfortable, affordable and long wearing legwear.
  32. Rating
    Fantastic product

    By CGM on

    I have severe problems with circulation and hip problems caused by Systemic Lupus. Your Super Opaque tights give me the comfortable support I need to be able to walk and function like a normal person. They wear great, they fit me great, they are very comfortable for the long days that I have to wear them. They last long because of the great quality, I just can't say enough about how great a product they are, except that they are the only kind I buy...period.
  33. Rating
    Great Product, Great Fit & Great Value

    By Garry on

    What can I say but these are the most comfortable and best fitting tights that I have ever worn. I can wear them on long days and not have any problems, they're just as comfortable as when I put them on. They last long and are top quality matching hose twice their price and they provide excellent support to my problem legs. I could not go an hour without these, they are necessary for me to walk without too much pain and discomfort. I really do love them and will keep buying them for as long as they make them.
  34. Rating
    Fantastic Product

    By CGM on

    I love this product it's comfortable to wear for long periods in case you have a longer than expected day. They wear forever and last a long time without tearing or running and they fit great. Great all day support as well. I wear them almost everyday and don't know what I would do without them.
  35. Rating
    Fantastic Product

    By CGM on

    I love your super opaque tights they are great support yet keep you cool even on the hottest summer days.
  36. Rating
    great look

    By David on

    Definitely recommend to others
  37. Rating

    By Shawn on

    I have been been buying No nonsense tights and pantyhose for a few years. I have to stand on my feet for many hours a day and these do three things for me, provide some support, keep me warm when I am outdoors and not too hot when indoors. I am 5'9 and the medium size seems to fit well. The main reason for No nonsense products is cost and relative ease of finding them. As a side note, I got many compliments on how good my legs looked when I wore them with a kilt.
  38. Rating
    First-time buyer, and I'm impressed

    By Violet on

    This is the first time that I purchased No Nonsense tights, and I'm impressed. I stand at a lean 5' 11'' in my stockingfeet (36'' inseam), and I purchased a size L which fits me just right. If you're taller or have a full or athletic figure, I recommend sizing up. The fabric quality exceeds the modest price point, as they seem fairly durable and warm but breathable. These tights are also surprisingly comfortable for their control top fit - no squeezing or pinching. Great for casual, daily wear. More colors, please!.
  39. Rating
    Great product

    By ghillenbrand on

    I have been wearing these tights for about a year. I'm 6' tall and 240lbs, They are soft and warm, not to tight in the waist. I just wish they came in other colors.
  40. Rating
    great tights

    By tf on

    Love these tights with a skirt and boots, great colors to mix and match.
  41. Rating

    By Mari Lee on

    Haven't worn but if they are like the brown I will love them.
  42. Rating
    Best tights EVER!

    By Flower Street Mom on

    These Tights wear like iron! Each pair has lasted at least two years or more. They wash well and never run. The waistband is very comfortable. The small fits my 5'' 1'' frame perfectly. On cold days I wear two pairs at once! Works great and keeps me very warm. They feel silky and are not overly shiny. Great product!
  43. Rating
    Amazing Tights

    By Taylor Tompkins on

    These tights are of great quality. I have worn them on many cold days, and it is incredible how insulated they keep my legs.
  44. Rating
    Satisfied Customer

    By SM on

    True to size, color and fit. I would recommend them.
  45. Rating
    Never Better

    By Perfecttights on

    You will never go wrong with these tights, they are the most comfortable, and durable I have ever purchased in my life. I have been a No nonsense fan for more than 25 years. The quality is so great; they are washable and keep me warm on those winter days and even not so wintery. They just wear so perfectly I will always be a fan of these products. Never disappointed and the company stands behind their products.